Thursday, January 31, 2013

The first polish I just got that I tried out is the Omega Labs USA 5 Star "No. 322.  It is a baby pink glitter polish. CHOCKED FULL of glitter, and i THINK it is considered a "jelly"? (Still learning the lingo) I used three coats, but think that 2 would be fine.  I put a top coat of Seche Vita, which gave it a smoother feel.  However, with all that glitter, it wasn't very textured feeling.
I love this color.  It's pretty close to the bottle color, which when I put on the first coat I was afraid it would be disappointing. I am excited to try out the other colors soon.
Today I did what I told myself not to do.... Buy more polish. But it was a great hoard! Can't wait to try them out. And hey, most were on sale... Can't pass up a sale! And those cheeky Sally Beauty people should know that no girl can pass up a sign that says "LAST CHANCE." I WOULD NEVER GET THAT CHANCE AGAIN?! OHHHH MMMMYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDD! So, I took my opportunity. So? It's how I roll.
So, here's the hoard!

So, the first pic is all from Sally Beauty:
ASP Crystal Nail File
Color Club Winter Affair Set: "Berry and Bright" and "Snow Flakes". (BTW I got two because they were on sale for $1.99 EACH!)
Nina Nail Pro "Blue Blaze"
Orly "Unlawful"
Sally Girl "EH1322" (not sure the color name, it doesn't show it anywhere)
Finger Paints "Merry Mistletoe)
China Glaze "Blue Iguana" (this was my last chance-er, and the only one. What was I to do?)

The second picture is from Kamay Beauty:
Nail Art Brushes
Omega Labs USA 5 Star "No 322"
Omega Labs USA 5 Star "No 305"
Mood Struck "Best of the Best"
Omega Labs USA 5 Star "No 324"
Omega Labs USA 5 Star "No 318"
Omega Labs USA 5 Star "No 311"

I really wanted to get ALL of the Omega Labs USA ones.  They are made locally in San Diego, and I love to support local businesses. I guess 5 was a good number. One color for each finger?  But... Then I could have gotten 10! 
And, I like to say "So" alot... So what?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This was done last night. The clean up is sloppy, but I love the color.  Its Zoya "Yasmeen".  I got it when Zoya was giving away three free bottles to promote their new line of colors.
You can see the iridescence in the bottle better than the picture of my nails.  

These pictures are taken from my phone, so.... Until I get a camera, this is the best I got. For now.

This is Finger Paints "Go Van Gogh!" with Sally Hansen Crackle "Fractured Foil".  I'm still getting better each day with the painting, and once I get all my tools and brushes, it will be a better clean up.  At least I hope it will be!


So, this is my first blog ever. I have recently rekindled my nail polish obsession, all thanks to Pintrest.  I'll be postin my own pictures of my trials and tribulations with nail art, and showing how we can all get better with practice. I hope you like it!  I take suggestions wholeheartedly, and hope for everyone's input.