Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MY BOOTY! Lacquer Wizard Under the Sea

Well, it's my treasured booty, not my bOOty.
I won from the most talented Lacquer Wizard! It's spectacular! Her wonderful Under the Sea! It did NOT disappoint!
When i got it I opened the package with shaking hands (as many may have felt when something like this amazing comes to you) and weeped with joy beholding this gorgeous potion for my digits! It is hot pink hex, red square, small orange square, and teal stars! I had done a few different manis with this polish, one that was a skittles of purple and blue, which I liked, but didn't really show off the teal stars. So, I thought well... What IS under the sea? GREEN STUFF! So, I used Barielle's Polished Princess with accent nail Myrza's Meadow. Well, Ariel was a princess, and she was under the sea.... So....
I didn't let the Barielle dry long enough apparently, because there is some shrinking from the Seche. Poo. I still loved how it looked.

Madame, I hope I did it justice, as I really don't know how anyone can capture the insanity of beauty that is this polish. I am in love with it, and many others need it get it!
Check out Lacquer Wizard's blog and Facebook to see her other spectacular creations. Congrats on such a great polish!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mint manis for Talia Joy #TaliasLegacy

To celebrate and show support for a brave young lady, Talia Joy, along with many other bloggers, I did a Mint color mani.
Rest in peace, Talia.

I used Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sour Apple with heart stamping from Mash 39 and 48.

You can see the other blogger's tributes in the links below.


Spammy McSpam Spam!

Continual effort is being made to take pics of my daily manis. I was in a sunset-y mood the other day, and had a hard time deciding what exactly I wanted to do.
I REALLY wanted to do a sunset ombre, and will still attempt to do this once I get the right colors for what I have in mind.
So....... I did a different take on an ombre. I call it a "Sun Burst Ombre". I'm sure there is another more technical, widely accepted and used term for this, but I'm goin' with it...
I used Julep Parker on my middle finger, Julep Gloria on index and ring fingers, then OPI On Collins Ave for pinky and thumb.
I like how it turned out! Gloria and On Collins Ave are close, but you can still see that Gloria is lighter. Looked a lot different when I was painting...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Challenge - Miyazaki - Totoro Nails!

 Hello, party people! I finally got my challenge done for last week.  I was feeling a lot a bit under the weather so I'm way late BUT it did give me time to correct a wrong that has gone on too long.  Up until last week, I'd never seen My Neighbor Totoro! Yes, yes, admonish me. I deserve it. 

Now that your tsk tsks are out of the way, check out my derptastic mani! I love the expressions of Totoro and the Soot Sprites although most of that was unintentional and caused by making tiny details on a tiny surface. That said, who doesn't love a happy accident?

BONUS: Guess who got her camera workin!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Challenge - Miyazaki - Spirited Away

This challenge was the most fun so far!
I am a HUGE fan of Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki. I have most of the movies. Princess Mononoke was the first one I saw ever, which started me down a wonderful road of adorable creatures and spectacular stories.
I think the one I love the most is Spirited Away. I got to see it in the theater, and it was so beautiful and fun. So, I chose to use it as my mani inspiration.
My ndex is Yubaba's bird after it and Boh transformed. Middle is Kaonashi, which admittedly is a little wonky. Ring are the Susuwatari, or the dust bunnies. Pinky is Boh, the fat baby that turns into a fat mouse. (Yes, I had to look up the names! Some fan I am.)

I like how they came out! Can't wait for next week's challenge of B Horror Movies! LOL! Lotsa blood and fun to be had.
What would you do if you did this challenge. Feel free to join and we will post your pics too!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Glitter Gradient

Lately I haven been trying to take pics of my manis to share.

Today I wore OPI Eiffel for This Color, with accent nail of Diva of Geneva.  I ADORE these colors! I truly fell for them...?
Anyway, Eiffel for This Color is a deep plum, It's so gorgeous.  In the bottle there is a bit of shimmer, but on the nail it's more creme. Diva of Geneva is a wonderful shimmery maroon. They look great together, in my opinion.  I did a glitter gradient with Julep's Paris. I've used this before, and still love it. There's medium hex glitter with micro glitter as well that are holographic.
My gradient is not so... Gradient-y.  But, I like it. Looks like falling sparkles.

Our GIVEAWAY ends on the 14th, so get your entries in!!! Some great stuff in the giveaway. Soo bad we can't enter our own.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Illamasqua Mottled Score!

So, when I broke my promise to Moratorium a week ago, I was fortunate to find as Sephora Illamasqua's Mottled.  I have been wanting one of these from their speckled collection.  This minty color is perfect MINT. Not a Tiffany blue, but a really good mint. It looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I'm sure everyone has said that. Yes, I'm a little late in the game... BUT I STILL GOT ONE!!! YAY!!!!!
I've had this one for 4 days now. There is a little tiny bit of tip wear, but no chipping. And, I've done dishes and cleaned some too! Super RAD! I don't typically wear polish for very long because it starts to chip. I'm not very easy on my nails because of all the typing I do for work and school. And, it gives me an excuse to have new polish every few days, so BONUS! However, this polish is just amazing.  I haven't wanted to take it off yet.

Even though I can't say the name, and have tried to say it a million times in my head, this polish is bad ass.

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!  I've notice not many entries.  Is there something you like to see in giveaways? Let us know! We want to do many more, and want to make sure it's something that people would like to sign up for.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Argyle Nails

$20?! They basically forced my hand!
With Sephora by OPI being discontinued, I had a limited time to get my Butter London Bluey dupe Teal We Meet Again and Sephora's sales got the best of me! The Sephora brand minis were just $1 and far too adorable to pass up! Look at those tiny bottles - they're DARLING.

Of course, I had to try them out and see if they were worth the super-cheap price I paid.  I'm shocked that the quality of these is so great, actually. The brush is dense and wide for such small bottles making application crazy easy. The formula was smooth and dried quickly - full coverage with two coats to boot! I'm just a little over the moon about em and definitely recommend grabbing a few with your next Sephora purchase!

My right hand knows how to paint.
My left hand tries hard.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Challenge - Fourth of July!

Happy 'murica day, y'all!
Don't forget the giveaway that puts the Blue in Red White and Blue!

I think these ones kinda speak for themselves! It did cross my mind that my accent nails were slightly influenced by the Bioshock Infinite logo and I'm totally okay with that.

For my dominant hand, I found the louboutin effect to be totally adorable and worth the mess it caused to create it.  On my right hand it was neither adorable nor worth the mess.  I think the mixture of my oafish left hand and shorter nails was disastrous.

 I hope your holiday is safe and filled with more fun than you can shake a stick at (not that I  encourage stick-waggling in public, mind you).

OPI My BF Scales Walls
OPI Swimsuit... Nailed it
Julep Jackie

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moratorium - Week 3 - Fell into the abyss

Week 3

I cheated.
I was excited over the birth of my nephew, and raced out to get some giveaway items. This was for the benefit of others, not me! I promised myself that I would not buy anything that was not for the giveaway.  I should have just said "You're WEAK! You're not strong enough! Just buy something and get it over with! WHO CARES ABOUT NO-BUYS?! NOT YOU!!!!"
That is what the Moratorium yelled at me. Then turned its back and mumbled something about me not caring about it, and how could I betray it so?
Dammit, Moratorium!? When I have been lusting after that Floam dupe from SP, and Illamasqua's Mottle that was clearance at Sephora. CLEARANCE, I TELL YOU! And then maybe a Pure Ice Cheatin which is one that i have been wanting for a long time.
So, I asked Moratorium to take me back. It is skeptical. Mostly because of the Zoya sale of buy one get two free... And... Because I partook of its guilty pleasures.
BUT! This is it. I can be kinda strong. I will start again. I will live anew! I will take protein to build my STRENGTH! Maybe not the protein...

Seriously... It was so worth it...

To make this post not just a wacky rambling, here's a pic of my mani today of Essence Color and Go Chic Reloaded! I tried to take pics of it underwater to get the multi-chrome come out, hence the water drops. It was so hard to capture the color. It goes from a charcoal, to a deep plum, to a dark green. It's gorgeous in real life. In the two pics, you can JUST see a hint of the purple and a slight tease of the green. I highly recommend this color.
Scrangie was able to get some pretty good shots here. She even said it was hard to get the colors to pop for her camera. Now I don't feel so bad about my less than stellar representation.

Tomorrow I think I'm gonna try out my Illamasqua Mottle. I have a feeling I'm gonna like it!!!!!

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!!!!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Challenge - 4th of July & Challenge Update

I hope everyone has a safe and fun celebration!

Before I get to the challenge, I wanted to set up some clarification to the giveaway.
The first two entries, email and following Newly Obsession on Facebook, are mandatory. I'm sorry I didn't clarify in the post. I did update the post with this information.  If you have already entered the giveaway without completing both entries, you will NOT be disqualified. There were only two. Any new entries must have the first two completed to be eligible, and all entries will be verified.

Okay enough of the blah blah blah.

For this mani I got to use some untrieds! WOOHOO!
I used:
Orly Royal Navy
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Julep Jackie
Orly Angel Eyes
Julep O Canada! <snicker>
Mash 46 & 49

The next challenge is MIYAZAKI!!!!! I've been waiting for this one. I do see to get excited about a challenge, try to do something, then totally bomb it. So, with my skills getting better I'm psyched to do Miyazaki. I just have the hard part left.  WHICH TO DO?!



Challenge - 80's Flick - The Last Unicorn

I feel like this challenge had so much potential that I just had TOO much inspiration! I had ideas for a million different films and couldn't commit.  I ended up going for The Last Unicorn! 
My goal was to match the colors of Amalthea's dress with some of the wispiness of the art.  The butterfly happens to be one of my favorite characters, so I wanted him represented too.
TRAGEDY STRUCK when I overestimated how quickly Seche dries.  My middle finger was so smudged! I opted to glue a pretty rose on there rather than re-do the water marble. While these aren't exactly what I'd hoped for, I do think they're quite fetching!

Julep Alice
Julep Annette
OPI My BF scales walls
Sally Hansen Color Quick Silver