Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nails of the Day - Teal Dandelions

I'm heading to the bridal shower a girlfriend of mine is hosting for her sister today. When the invites came, I was in love with the stylized dandelions! I adore how simple, delicate and unique they are. So, come the day before the party I got my nails ready for the party with the invite in mind.

You can see a bit of the inspiration in the background!
What I did: I started with Emily de Molly Oceanic Forces on my accent nails and laid down a couple coats of Sinful Colors Mint Apple on my other nails. You can't see it in the pictures well, but after that came a coat of PA AA37 (a green/teal/blue shifting flakie) over the Mint Apple.  Then, realizing how much better it would look, I put a coat of Orly Sparkling Garbage over that.  I used a thin, small brush to freehand the dandelions onto the nail with Sephora Teal We Meet Again.  Finally, I fished glitter from Oceanic Forces and hand placed it on the flowers. 

I really hoped to show off how much this mani reflects light!
I only wish I could do this more justice! Soooo sparkly!

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