Sunday, May 19, 2013

Challenge - Indiana Jones and the TEMPLE OF DOOOOOOOOOM!

I have been a little late on these challenges lately. Been busy with school work. Trying THIS term to make sure I get better grades than last. However, there is always time to fit in a mani or two!
So, there, AGAIN, were sooooo many options to choose from for this challenge. I chose to do Temple of Doom. Mostly because my favorite villan is Mola Ram. He's insane, and it cracks me up every time he does the whole chant thing. I did this in a cartoony/Lego's kinda vibe. I didn't give them eyes... Because 1. I'm not very good at them, 2. Because I kinda like them being blind looking.
I LOVED Chalkboard Nail's Mythbuster's mani. And took that kind of idea and ran with it. I WOULD list all the polishes, but most of the colors are mixed, and not just a single color.
This one turned out better than i would have imagined, and am ECSTATIC! I looked around to see if anyone else had done an Indy mani before, and didn't want to copy anyone. I only found three, so this is so exciting that Tey and I will be doing something pretty different.
On with the pics!

Mola Ram, Indy, Willie, and can't forget Mr. Round... SHORT Round.
The Sankara Stones. (yes, I had to google the spelling!)
This is one where I HATE to remove it since it came out so good. However, my other hand I swatched about 10 different polishes, and it is NOT very pretty...

Lemme know what you think!


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