Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Challenge - Indy and The Lost Ark!

This was a difficult one for me! While I totally love me some Indiana Jones, I struggled with what I could possibly paint to do it justice.  I landed on Raiders of the Lost Ark because I adore that ugly gold idol a little too much; it cracks me up!  

I started with the Staf of Ra on my thumb. It isn't perfect but I really love how the gem kinda brings the picture together.  I couldn't get a good picture of it to save my life, though.  Please forgive the uber-blurriness.

From there I moved to my buddy the Golden Fertility Idol.  I spent SO MUCH TIME ON THIS.  It doesn't look how I wanted it to, but I am impressed I was able to do anything similar to it.  It's crazy hard to paint something that small and reflective on a pinky nail. Some may say "Poor planning, Teyie." and to them I say, "Yep, totally."

Finally, I tried to illustrate the craziness that was the Ark of the Covenant itself.  By this time I was pretty tired and fed up with how my fingers were cramping from painting the gold idol.  I kina phoned it in. Sorry! Please avert your eyes if you're offended by golden bathtubs spewing electric blue coral.

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