Thursday, February 28, 2013

Challenge - Super Heroes!

I thought and thought about this challenge. Did I want to take it to the other end and do a villan? I thought, maybe a silly one.  I almost did The Tick. Mostly just to write SPOON! across my nails. Then I thought, well, I like Cartoon Network. They have silly heroes. And, eureka! SAMURAI JACK!

I used a ton of different colors.  I knew i wanted a black background, and soon found out that rep polish just disappears on top of it.  I mixed up red, orange, yellow, and white for the end color of the eyes and chin.  Still wanting to have a really choppy background and the recognizable stripe background, I tried several red polishes.  Crackle, creme, glitter... All of the above!  It still looked not Samurai Jack enough.  I took red polish and a fan brush and ran it across lightly and the eyes and chin. And... Oh yeah.... That's the stuff.  I finished with a matte top coat. Samurai Jack may like glitter, but he's no glossy Mr.!


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