Monday, February 4, 2013

I just got my nail brushes in! So excited, so I had to use them immediately.  My first use was clean up.  I did a blue ombre on my left hand, green on my right hand.  Of course the blue came out better since I painted with my dominant hand, but it was fun to do.

On my right hand from thumb to pinky:
Sally Hansen Smooth Perfect "Air"
Zoya "Yummy"
Nina Ultra Pro "Blue Blaze"
Omega Labs USA 5 Star "No. 318"
China Glaze "Blue Iguana"

On my left hand from thumb to pinky:
Julie "Gelato in Venice"
Sinful Colors "Mint Apple"
Omega Labs USA 5 Star "No. 305"
Finger Paints "Merry Mistletoe"
Finger Paints "Go Van Gogh!"

I put a coat of Seche Vita on all my nails, two coats on both of my middle fingers since the glitter is kinda textured and I wanted it smoother. The Nina Ulta Pro turned out really matte, which I will have to remember for later.  They all had about 3-4 coats, which if I were better, would probably only be 2-3 coats... For some reason both of my thumbs have really bad cuticles. After I did the clean up, I really love the results. SO much nicer. Now, to get the technique down, because it took FOREVER!
Anyhoo, you can tell on my right thumb the polish is a bit thick, so lesson learned. Then later, obsessing over a thin spot I decided to put on another coat of Seche Vita, and it ended up wrinkling. ANOTHER lesson learned!
Until my next time where I lear another lesson because I obsessed over something dumb...

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