Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Challenge Week 3 - Super Hero?

I had a ridiculous amount of ideas for this and initially tried something eclectic and fun. My idea was to go with anti-heroes and tribute each nail to one of my favorites. I snickered about it to myself as I did it because, well, I think I'm hilarious.

Thumb: Deadpool
Index: Rorschach
Middle:The Shockmaster (A stretch, I know!)
Ring: Captain Jack Harkness
Pinky: Magneto

Soon after I realized that it was a really niche effort as most humans wouldn't know ALL of them. So, armed with better lighting and an endless amount of patience I ventured into the world of water marbling!

This was a pretty long endeavor. There was SO MUCH MESS before I got it right.  

First, I put down a base coat of Rimmel Black Satin, then added a coat of Color Club Berry and Bright before doing the marbling with Zoya Carmen and the Rimmel Black Satin. 

I adore this look! I wanted it to look kinda stringy and webby for my bro, Spiderman and am very pleased with the result. 

I'm definitely going to do more marbling. While messy and time consuming, it just looks so dang cool.

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