Thursday, February 21, 2013

Challenge Week 2- The Four Disco Seasons

FINALLY! Yay! It's my turn.
I went a little different than Teyie's amazing post.  I decided to do something inspired by Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" violin concerto.  I call it "The Four Disco Seasons." I got to break out my new camera and get better shots.  WAY better than the phone.

I started first with three coats of OPI's Hearts & Tarts to get an even nude background.  Then I used 5 different glitter colors. Mostly because I can... The other reason is to represent the four seasons on my main fingers in a single color, and my thumb to represent sheet music.
My Thumb I used Klean Color "Diamond Pink", pointer finger Sinful Colors "Faceted", middle finger Omega Labs 5 Star USA "No. 311", ring finger a mix of Sinful Colors "Paris" and Klean Color "24 Carat", and lastly pinky finger Nicole by OPI "A Gold Winter's Night".  Forgive the glitter explosion, I tried. :) (BTW, the pic is of my right hand. I forgot to take a pic of my left hand before I started the design.)

Then I painted black lines for the music staffs to undulate across my fingers in a continuous flow, and black musical notes.  The notes didn't show up well, so I decided to make them a light gray color by mixing a little Sinful Colors "Slate" with Orly's "A Decade of Dysfunction".

I like how it turned out, but next time will know to use either a stamp for the lines, or a a lot thinner brush.
I am so loving seeing my improvement through this whole journey.  I'm learning so much by other's blogs, tutorials, and trial and error.

Lemme know what you think!


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