Saturday, April 27, 2013

Challenge - China Pattern - Lenox Pearl Beads

I should start by saying I am not a person who likes china.  In my house, we use plastic plates made from recycled materials.  They look pretty terrible, honestly.

That said, while searching for the inspiration for this week's challenge I FELL IN LOVE. Lenox's Pearl Beads set is freaking amazing.  It is simple, classic, and understated.  Exactly the kind of china I could actually see myself having!  

The result isn't exactly what I'd hoped for, but I do love it. I tried to capture the dotted swirls but it was way harder than I had thought would be. In fact, you're seeing attempt #2 after a super-duper-mega-failure that I refuse to acknowledge in photo form.  

Overall, this mani feels super-weddingy to me which makes me smile. The quote below is actually a momento from my wedding. Our guests each had a different little vellum quote on their seat for the ceremony that expressed something totally gushy about love, marriage or friendship.  I had a ton left over and have been hanging on to them because, well, that's what packrats do.  

Polishes used:
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
F21 Silver Nail Art Pen
F21 White Nail Art Pen
NYC Matte me Crazy topcoat

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