Friday, April 5, 2013

Challenge - Book Inspiration - Maus

I was so excited by this challenge! I had initially thought to do something from Alice in Wonderland but when I reached into my box o' polish and found Julep's Eileen I realized I had a perfect base for a comic inspired manicure.  It's such a great white! Not too white-out and not too white-walls-tarnished-by-years-of-smoking.  Basically, it just doesn't look like crap on me.

Once I had my little canvases white washed, I went digging through my comic collection and pulled out one of my favorites: Maus! It's such an amazingly told story with poignant imagery that is somehow so perfect in its simplicity. 

I hope my homage doesn't make light of its intense and tragic meaning. I was affected for days after the first time I read these graphic novels and could not possibly trivialize how deeply they touched me.

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