Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Destined Bff's - Cadillaquer Masterpiece and Scofflaw David Bowie's Bulge

It's true, there are kindred spirits out there. Same goes for nail polish.
When I got Scofflaw's David Bowie's Bulge, I thought... This is it. Perfection. Love at first site. Then Cadillaquer made Masterpiece. And I fell in love again (sorry, Pierre. I love you too, just differently). One day the polishes were sitting next to each other and BAM! They fell in love with each other! It happens. Inanimate objects falling in love. This love had to be expressed on my nails. :D

So, BFF's in polish land. Whodathunk?

The way the glitter just POPS in each is so wonderful.
The other day I also thought about what would be in my top 5 favorite polishes of ALL TIME. These two are in it.

Until next time,


  1. Hehehe very nice. Hope they live happily ever after

    1. HAHA! So far they are next to each other in the box...

  2. They are made for each other!! Great eye & fab mani!