Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nerd Laquer Hyper Space Bypass and Mentality Black Holo

Had to yell it. WOOT!
Today is Nerd Lacquer's Hyperspace Bypass. I tried to find something for an accent that would not overwhelm HB, and accent the name. What better than a space-y looking black linear holo!!! Mentality's Black Holo is gorgeous. Unfortunately I couldn't get sunlight to make it shine. :( The flash on my camera made it come out some, but not do it justice. It is a STRONG holo.
Now, for the HB. LOVE EET! Spectacular formula, glitter payoff insane, and dries quickly. I do understand why they are so sought after, and sad that the make fell on hard times.

Do you have anything from Nerd Lacquer or Mentality? How much are you in love with them?!


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