Friday, November 22, 2013

Map Nerls!

As promised a LONG time ago, I use my water decals of a map!
I REALLLLLY love how they turned out. It was the EASIEST mani I have ever done. I used Fing'rs Edge Nail Tattoos. You can get them at Wal-Mart, and I have been seeing them at Bed, Bath and Beyond n their cosmetics area. There are two bottles of polish and three designs. Each design comes with 10 sheets of tattoos, but I only used three for both hands! One I totally ruined because I thought, hey lets see if alcohol works better. DO NOT DO THIS. Cuz it doesn't work at all. Water is what you should use. And yeah, if you're smart, you read directions. Not like I did and didn't read directions. Oh well. MAYBE that is why they are called "WATER Decals"...
ANYHOO... I painted my nails with a white base using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and let it dry completely. The I applied the tattoos. Make sure you let them dry before putting on a top coat. Super simple. One other tip. Take off the excess decal from your skin while it is still wet. If you wait it gets pretty sticky and harder to come off.

Do you have these? What did you think after trying them? Gimme a comment and let me know!



  1. That is awesome. Totally freakin' awesome!

  2. I LOVE THESE! Looks so cool!