Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nerd Lacquer The Lando System and Sweetheart Cloud Mani

Here for your pleasure is another addition of my Nerd Lacquer collection!
As always, it was a dream. Glitter was amazing. It's a smidge paler than some of the swatches out there, but I still love it dearly. Fo the accent nail I wanted something that would go along with the theme of the polish. What better than a cloud mani!!! I debated on stamping or trying my hand at the ever lovely cloud mani technique I have been seeing.
Don't let the simplicity of that technique fool you. Those lines have to be spaced well and have a nice curve at the top. I failed miserably several times, and tried it on a swatch wheel for a couple tries after having to remove failed attempts from my nail many times. I'm not the best at nail art, so this was fun and challenging.
Now, I wanted to do the cloud technique, but want to put a spin on it. So instead of three stripes for each color, I did a 4-3-2 stripes. I loved how the last color came out as a heart! Considering my love of Star Wars and Nerd Lacquer, I found it quite fitting.

I used colors from the glitter for the cloud accent nail. There is lovely bronze small glitter, the lovely lilac blue small glitter, pink medium hex, and a gorgeous teal blue shimmer to it that is practically impossible to capture.  The base is Finger Paints Figure of Art, with Rimmel Wild Orchid, Ciate Pepperminty, and Sinful Colors Cotton Candy.
I will still be practicing this technique, as I love it. I think "Sweetheart Cloud Mani" is appropriate to call this, dontcha think?



  1. Very pretty!! I love that shimmery glitter crelly that is The Lando System, and your accent nail is superb! I recently, FINALLY got a set of dotting tools, so I'm gonna have to remember this idea for sure. ;-) Great job!!! :D

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! I love my tools, and hope to see some of your creations! Do you have a blog or FB page or SOMETHING that we can follow?

  2. love your blog, would you like to follow each other? let me know and I will follow u back dear