Sunday, June 16, 2013

Challenge - MY BIRTHDAY

I so love these challenges!
For my birthday mani, making it pink and super glittery was a given.  I recently got a grab bag and some new Julep polishes, so what better time to use new polishes?!
I LOVE the pink of Orly Purple Crush, but my camera just could not get over the dazzle of the glitter. The picture just doesn't do it justice! It's really thin, and I had to use three coats. You can still see a little VNL in the pics.
The spectacular glitter of Julep's Paris is... I'm verklempt! I have stared and it for a while now. It truly looks like celebratory confetti. I layered Paris on top of Sally Hansen's Wool Lite Fuzzy coat for accent nails. That really turned out better than I hoped.

The fuschia of Purple Crush just doesn't come through! It looks so red/orange in these pics. Even looking for a pic to show the true color is hard to find. I highly suggest the color. It's GORGEOUS. But I am a huge fan of pink (not like you can't tell by the site...)

You can really see the true beauty of Paris in the above pic. The holo glitter is wonderful. I could keep gushing...
I haven't been a big fan of the fuzzy and feathers lines. But, for this mani I think it really added to the crazy glitter bomb you get from parties, pinatas, ticker tape parades... Because that's how people should celebrate me.

Until next week! I'm having so much fun with these challenges. The next one is going to be a BIG challenge.  My freehand is getting better, but it will be put to the test for Panoramic challenge.


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