Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 2 - Moratorium

Day 2:

So, I painted my nails last night.
It was pretty. Then I saw them in the sun. My brain melted with happiness. I had to scoop it up and put it in the freezer a little while. I used some untrieds, like people suggested. That was cool.
I used Barielle's Teaser, and layered over that Orly's Sparkling Garbage. My accent nails were done with Color Club Harp On It.  I took a quick pick to send to Teyie to show how insane the sparkle was, and so her brain could melt. The sensation is like no other. Even with the blurry picture, Harp On It got an attitude and said to me (literally, it spoke) "Ain't no blur gonna ruin my spectacularness!"
That scared me, but after it calmed down I was ok. Never had polish talk before. I'll chalk that up to new sensation #2.
So, After I went into the office, I was sad again. The lighting killed my polish. After that, a customer told me to drop dead.
So... I decided to take a picture of my mani for all to see Harp On It talking to me. I'll let you guys know if any others do that.

I think Harp On It was talking here. 

This one didn't have as much light. Still, it sparkled. With all its might.

So I end this entry to the saga, while sipping on my luke warm beer because I forgot I opened it, and say thank you for your viewing.


(We will be doing Panoramic for the next challenge. Got some pretty cool ideas rolling around this noggin!)

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