Monday, June 17, 2013

Moratorium: Day 1

I have decided to keep a record, or diary if you will, of my emotional state while going through a "no-buy".

Day 1:

I find today to be rough, but almost through it.  While reading emails and facebook posts, I am seeing many sales, which are on going.  This makes me sad. I HAVE the money presently. The SHOULD I spend it is where my inner turmoil rips me apart.
I have asked advice for how to make it through. Many say going through untrieds. This is a good Idea that I will attempt. Hopefully my heart feels up to the task.

Tomorrow is another day. We shall see my mood then?

Lets see a mani not posted yet, shall we. This will lighten the mood?

I had just gotten my holo top coat, and wanted to do a fun mani with a new dark green polish. Some stamping, and it turned out cute for a quick mani.

I will be doing some swatching and untrieds in the next few weeks, along with the challenges. Keep tuned in for the Moratorium Saga.


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