Sunday, June 23, 2013

Challenge - Panoramic - Noah Bradley's M13 Plains

As you may recall, I'm a super nerd for Magic: The Gathering. The artists who illustrate these cards are freaking HEROES! One of my favorites is Noah Bradley. His works are evocative and breathtaking and his use of color makes my inner artist green with envy.

Without further delay, I did my best to capture his M13 Plains with acrylic paint!

I ain't too humble to confess that I'm proud as shit of this manicure. I love the colors and it is probably the first time I've illustrated a cloud that didn't look like some kind of cartoon sheep. In person, it does resemble buttered mashed potatoes but, hey, that's not a sheep.

BONUS: Noah Bradley offered (on reddit) to sign some of his cards if one mailed him a postage paid envelope with the cards to be signed.I jumped at the opportunity and made him a thank you card. He signed my cards and returned them with the following note:


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