Saturday, June 15, 2013

Challenge - My Favorite Monster - WWE's Kane

I'm a renegade who doesn't play by the rules, man. I still have the sushi challenge from last week but I got a bit zealous about doing "my favorite monster"! An opportunity to mix two of my favorite things? YES, PLEASE! 

First, meet Kane. He's WWE's 7ft tall "Big Red Monster"/"Devil's Favorite Demon" and one half of my favorite tag team in recent history, Team Hell No. As you may have noticed, he's adorable.

Now for the mani! I wanted these to be 100% gothy and campy just like Kane. I decided it would be the best homage to have his ring gear be the imagery used.  Plus, it's a mani I wouldn't mind wearing for a few days!  

This mani features:
Rimmel 430 Black Satin
Julep Molly
Julep Parker

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