Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moratorium - Week 2

Week 2
I counted how many days I have for this moratorium from beginning to end. I figure that I would stop after September 1, with the mental caveat of additional days may be imposed.
75 days total. That seems like a lot. I thought if I broke it down to smaller units, maybe I would feel better.
75 days can be converted to one of these units:
■6,480,000 seconds■108,000 minutes■1800 hours■10 weeks (rounded down)

This did not make me feel better.

I will paint my nails black in protest. They will reflect my derision to this self imposed restriction.
Protesting myself. My therapist will have a field day...

I had a pretty rad mani with a new polish and an untried. No, the new one I did not buy. It was a gift from my cohort Tey-Diz.
I was lazy in taking pics. Then it started to come off. So... In true form I peeled it all off. Then I got mad at myself for doing so and not taking pics that are not blurry and ugly. But, that's all I have, so that's all you get!

This is Sonya Kashuk Starry Night with Nabi Purple Jumbo Glitter. That glitter is insane! You can kinda see the holo goodness.  It flashes between green, yellow, orange, and red. It was very much stare worthy.  I'm POSITIVE I will be using this again, and will MAKE SURE I take better pics. But I couldn't just not have SOMETHING on here. Along with all my caps emphasized words.

So, my lazy butt will be working on the Panorama challenge that was supposed to be on here LAST week. But, school is still a first come thing right now. I'm off for a week, then it starts all over again.


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