Sunday, June 16, 2013

Challenge - Sushi - Kawaii Sushi Nails!

I wasn't sure what to do for the sushi challenge since "california rolls" are the closest to sushi I've been (outside of a hazy memory of a first date when I was a teen). I turned to the google machine and came up with a couple photos for inspiration: from Hawaii Kawaii and from Kukubee.

Armed with some hyper-cute ideas and a can-do attitude, I went to work creating the most barftastically adorable manicure I could imagine. My wasabi plush begged to be included, so forgive me for any cute aneurysms I induce.

I learned a very valuable lesson from my efforts, actually.  I need a lot of practice with dotting.  I've tried before with limited success, but I've never come so close to ragequitting mid-manicure as I did making my little nori wrapped roll. At one point, it literally looked like I had poked its eyes out with a hot poker.

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