Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MY BOOTY! Lacquer Wizard Under the Sea

Well, it's my treasured booty, not my bOOty.
I won from the most talented Lacquer Wizard! It's spectacular! Her wonderful Under the Sea! It did NOT disappoint!
When i got it I opened the package with shaking hands (as many may have felt when something like this amazing comes to you) and weeped with joy beholding this gorgeous potion for my digits! It is hot pink hex, red square, small orange square, and teal stars! I had done a few different manis with this polish, one that was a skittles of purple and blue, which I liked, but didn't really show off the teal stars. So, I thought well... What IS under the sea? GREEN STUFF! So, I used Barielle's Polished Princess with accent nail Myrza's Meadow. Well, Ariel was a princess, and she was under the sea.... So....
I didn't let the Barielle dry long enough apparently, because there is some shrinking from the Seche. Poo. I still loved how it looked.

Madame, I hope I did it justice, as I really don't know how anyone can capture the insanity of beauty that is this polish. I am in love with it, and many others need it get it!
Check out Lacquer Wizard's blog and Facebook to see her other spectacular creations. Congrats on such a great polish!


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