Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moratorium - Week 3 - Fell into the abyss

Week 3

I cheated.
I was excited over the birth of my nephew, and raced out to get some giveaway items. This was for the benefit of others, not me! I promised myself that I would not buy anything that was not for the giveaway.  I should have just said "You're WEAK! You're not strong enough! Just buy something and get it over with! WHO CARES ABOUT NO-BUYS?! NOT YOU!!!!"
That is what the Moratorium yelled at me. Then turned its back and mumbled something about me not caring about it, and how could I betray it so?
Dammit, Moratorium!? When I have been lusting after that Floam dupe from SP, and Illamasqua's Mottle that was clearance at Sephora. CLEARANCE, I TELL YOU! And then maybe a Pure Ice Cheatin which is one that i have been wanting for a long time.
So, I asked Moratorium to take me back. It is skeptical. Mostly because of the Zoya sale of buy one get two free... And... Because I partook of its guilty pleasures.
BUT! This is it. I can be kinda strong. I will start again. I will live anew! I will take protein to build my STRENGTH! Maybe not the protein...

Seriously... It was so worth it...

To make this post not just a wacky rambling, here's a pic of my mani today of Essence Color and Go Chic Reloaded! I tried to take pics of it underwater to get the multi-chrome come out, hence the water drops. It was so hard to capture the color. It goes from a charcoal, to a deep plum, to a dark green. It's gorgeous in real life. In the two pics, you can JUST see a hint of the purple and a slight tease of the green. I highly recommend this color.
Scrangie was able to get some pretty good shots here. She even said it was hard to get the colors to pop for her camera. Now I don't feel so bad about my less than stellar representation.

Tomorrow I think I'm gonna try out my Illamasqua Mottle. I have a feeling I'm gonna like it!!!!!

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!!!!


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