Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Challenge - 80's Flick - The Last Unicorn

I feel like this challenge had so much potential that I just had TOO much inspiration! I had ideas for a million different films and couldn't commit.  I ended up going for The Last Unicorn! 
My goal was to match the colors of Amalthea's dress with some of the wispiness of the art.  The butterfly happens to be one of my favorite characters, so I wanted him represented too.
TRAGEDY STRUCK when I overestimated how quickly Seche dries.  My middle finger was so smudged! I opted to glue a pretty rose on there rather than re-do the water marble. While these aren't exactly what I'd hoped for, I do think they're quite fetching!

Julep Alice
Julep Annette
OPI My BF scales walls
Sally Hansen Color Quick Silver

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