Sunday, July 7, 2013

Illamasqua Mottled Score!

So, when I broke my promise to Moratorium a week ago, I was fortunate to find as Sephora Illamasqua's Mottled.  I have been wanting one of these from their speckled collection.  This minty color is perfect MINT. Not a Tiffany blue, but a really good mint. It looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I'm sure everyone has said that. Yes, I'm a little late in the game... BUT I STILL GOT ONE!!! YAY!!!!!
I've had this one for 4 days now. There is a little tiny bit of tip wear, but no chipping. And, I've done dishes and cleaned some too! Super RAD! I don't typically wear polish for very long because it starts to chip. I'm not very easy on my nails because of all the typing I do for work and school. And, it gives me an excuse to have new polish every few days, so BONUS! However, this polish is just amazing.  I haven't wanted to take it off yet.

Even though I can't say the name, and have tried to say it a million times in my head, this polish is bad ass.

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!  I've notice not many entries.  Is there something you like to see in giveaways? Let us know! We want to do many more, and want to make sure it's something that people would like to sign up for.


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