Thursday, October 31, 2013

Challenge - Monster & Halloween!!!

Once again, I have put two challenges together since they were pretty similar. Monster and Halloween!

I chose to do a Witch-y theme. Not that many witches are monsters, but it works. I am very happy with my mani this time! Took a bit, and I tried a new technique of bubble mani. Definitely need practice for that technique, but the effect came out ok.

The index finger is a cauldron using the bubble technique. Meh, but was interesting to try it out. Will definitely be attempting again. Then middle is the lovely witch. I didn't want her to be ugly, so she is kinda glamourous with sparkly skin. My ring finger is "eye of newt". I have always loved that phrase for some strange reason, and Cadillaquer's Masterpiece just screamed it! Of which, it is a spectacular polish! It's like a reverse Scofflaw's David Bowie's Bulge. That's a combo that will be tried, fo sho! Last, pinky kitty! I didn't give him a pink nose because my cat is all black with a black nose. I did want him to have one, so it made it grey.

My thumb I did a sparkly jelly green for sparkly slime!

What do you think?! I really loved doing this one. My freehand has been getting pretty bad lately, so this turning out was a big boost in confidence.
What were your Halloween mani's?


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