Friday, October 11, 2013

Challenge - Squee & Animal

Today is my first challenge I have done since... July?! Wow... It's been a while. So, I chose to do this week's challenge of Animal and mix it with a prior one we skipped of Squee.  I preface this by asking you to be gentle. This was the biggest PIA stamping I have EVER experienced. I really don't know if it was user error, etching on the stamp plate, or the polish. Either way... It took an HOUR to just do the stamping! TWO STAMPS! Seriously...

The animal I chose was the frog. However, I wanted to squee it up. So... I did stamping of Kerropi! I'm a huge fan of Sanrio, and recently saw the two Hello Kitty plates on Born Pretty. Could not pass up the cuteness! To be fair, I have only tried two of the images on one of the plates. I will be using them again because they are adorable images, and will figure out the trick to them on a day that I am not trying to do a challenge post... Prior planning, Rachel..........

I used Julep Korin as the base green. My pinky, fore finger and thumb were topped with the glitter topper from Joyful Noise Cosemetics, Ballerina Girl, that I used for the last mani I posted. On my middle and ring fingers I topped with Orly Sparkling Garbage and stamped over that. After the 12th time of trying to get the little bastard not looking like a mutant, he came out semi-mutant. I tried to pep talk him, and it seemed to help... But, seriously... After 4 cotton balls and 6 q-tips, I was over it.

Poor guy has wonky eyes.

And ohhhh the CARNAGE!!!!! (plus dog toy)

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