Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hard Candy Crushed on Caribbean and Orly Sparkling Garbage


It's been a very very very long time since my last post. Moving and the new job... Well... Moving and my laziness overtook me.

So, to inspire me, I felt a lil bit o' the sparkle would help! I had not used HC Crushed on Caribbean since I got it months ago, and saw it while unpacking. I love how nutso sparkly it is. Then thought... SPARKLING GARBAGE! Imagine me thrusting the polish bottle in the air in triumph. That happened.

Inside with flash.

Outside in sunlight.

My camera was overcome with the spectacular beauty that it felt that it could not do this mani justice. For real, in the sunlight it is a blue disco ball of awesome. Oh, and please forgive the tip wear on my index and middle fingers. I had to hunt for my SD card, and this mani is a few days old. Which honestly, is pretty dern good for me. I'm hard on my manis. Surprisingly, my cuticles don't look too worse for wear either. Moving wrought havoc on them.
Check out the awesome planter in the background my fiance made with his own two wittle hands. We hauled that thing from San Diego to Sacramento... He was NOT leaving it. LOL!
Speaking of Sactown... If any of you readers are familiar with the area and know of some great polish spots, or would like to meet up and geek out, please drop me a line! I don't know anyone up here and would love to meet some new friends!

Until next time,

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