Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat - Red Velvet

I am a huge fan of the textured polishes, and this Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Red Velvet is gorgeous! As mentioned before, I pet them. Yes. PET them. I am very tactile. Don't worry, I won't randomly reach out and just touch you if we meet. Girls Scouts Honor!

This polish is SOOOO pigmented. The color is gorgeous. Normally my skin can't pull off rich dark reds like this, as it has a more blue hue to it. I am more of a fall color palette for my skin. This one didn't make me look like I had super pale skin. LOVE IT! It really does look like red velvet cake. And now I am hungry.

What do you guys think about textured polishes? Have you tried any from this line?

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