Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Challenge - Plants

Just like everything, this challenge was filled with good intentions.
And like some things, it fails miserably.
I chose to take pics of this mani anyway, for posterity. I have to say, this is quite possibly the WORST mani I have ever done. Possibly would take 1st prize in a contest for "Worst Mani's EVER". I'm actually pretty proud of that.
No... No I'm not. LOL!
So, I had used Orly's Royal Navy and just LOVE it! I did have a lot of VNL, but the color is just gorgeous. OF COURSE, no pics of the before the rampage of awful came across it. On to the terrible!

Yep. Since I started this blog with Tey, I promised myself that no matter how awful, I would still post it. I think the pinky looks like a daisy put it's leaf in a electrical socket. Looks kinda punk. 
No... No it doesn't.
It's like those "country" hand painted flowers on furniture, but done by a two year old. ROFL!
I was thinking of doing this challenge again, but am ready to just move forward. Already took of that monstrosity and am ready to put on something cheerful and sparkly to make me happy.

Until next time,

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