Saturday, October 19, 2013

Challenge - Plants - Venus Fly Trap

Daffy looks just like my late Basil. RIP
Plants are collectively some of the neatest organisms on the planet.  My grandmother is a plant fanatic and has always stopped to smell the roses in her own way (usually that way is by keeping little baggies with her to take clippings and seeds home with her to plant later).  From a very early age I had a healthy respect for how difficult it is to balance loving your plants with drowning them. I don't have any houseplants because I still haven't mastered not going all Abominable Snowman on them. That said, I was pretty stoked for this week's inspiration.

I decided to go after The Venus Fly Trap and I love how they turned out! The texture of the spun sugar feels really neat on the nail while the contrasting colors really pop.  It was a time consuming manicure but definitely worth it for the final look!

First, I painted 2 thin coats of Julep Francis. I free-handed a ruffian over that with NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost and topped with a coat of seche.

Next, I dropped a bit of Julep Francis on some photo paper and mixed it with a toothpick until it was thick and no longer freely dripped. On a fresh toothpick, I grabbed a bead of the tacky polish and brought it up to the nail. I touched the bead to the nail and slowly dragged it diagonally down the nail. When I had gone far enough, I retraced my route so any stringy bits could be easily masked in the line I'd made. Rinse and repeat! When the polish got too thick, I'd add another drop or two and mix thoroughly.

Finally, I used a detail brush to paint the outside edges of each nail with a thin dry brushing of Julep Leah.
This is my second attempt at Spun Sugar.  Have you tried it?

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