Friday, August 2, 2013

Challenge - B-Horror Movie and Song - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!!!

So, I'm lazy. We have established that.
I've also had some things pop up the last week that has brought nail stuff to a slow crawl. So, with Tey on board as well, decided to mix two challenges in one. B-Horror movie and a song.
So, sometimes when i am in a weird mood and aggravated by someone, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes pops into my mind. All I sing is the riff. Honestly, without checking... I think that is all there is in the song. I thought about doing Fish Heads, but the mask those guys wear always freaked me out.
LOOK AT THIS! Messed up stuff here!

Anyhow, I think my eyes are getting worse in my old age. My freehand is not really good. I find that it turned out funny though.

Somehow, the vines sparkly wonderfulness just didn't want to be photographed, and I took like A MILLION shots. Oh well. It makes me giggle. He's toothy.

I have Scofflaw's Wyld Stallyns coming soon to a blog near you! Also, we have another Challenge! TEEEAAAAAA! Or, Tea.


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