Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Essie - For The Twill Of It

Essie, you hath bestoweth upon us ungrateful mortal beings upon this Earth a great gift. Thou hath createth thine jewel of the spun cloth inspiration. We are but slaves of the polish wand. Patrons of glitter and duo-chrome. We thanketh thee.

This unworthy mortal being has had the great fortune to procure two of Essie's fall line, For The Twill Of It and After School Boy Blazer.  I got these when Cut and Blow had them on sale! The moment I saw For the Twill of It i was smitten.  It did not disappoint. While looking at the rest of the collection, After School Boy Blazer was such a rich dark navy, I wanted it immediately. Truthfully, they are all so wonderful. Restraint was with me that day alone.

These polishes were so difficult for me to capture. You can see the color shift some on For the Twill of It. It is so much more vibrant IRL.

In Sunlight

Indirect light

After School Boy Blazer was a one coater, but I did two because I got some streaks with my novice hand. Again, it is so rich in color. I really loved the blue in it.

This was another very difficult polish to capture. It's so dark that it is almost black, but it has this almost glow of blue. I really love it. I did have a little bit of staining on my cuticles, but I'm sure better painting would remedy that.
I also recently got Coco Allure's Risque Buisness. Over this dark blue I got more of the red sparkle than the green seen over other colors. In some lights the green does show, but it was hard for me to capture that.  On Llarowe's sight are some excellent pics of it. 

I can't wait to try this topcoat on other colors. It is so flashy! I also, in my insanity of purchasing, got Girly Bits Shift Happens. It has some similar flashes of color, so a comparison of them is definitely forthcoming!!! When I do that, I will do try harder to getting that green to pop it's head out.


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