Saturday, August 3, 2013

Challenge - B Horror Movies and A Song - Rocky Horror Picture Show

It's been too long! Life has been busy and I always tend to slow down on the polish when I've had to mow my nails down because of a break. Is there anything more devastating to a polishaholic? It takes the wind RIGHT out of my sails!

Without furhter adieu, I present my Rocky Horror Picture Show and Science Fiction/Double Feature manicure!

To start, here is the Rocky Horror piece of this mani! From index to pinky, we're representing Magenta (Space Hair), Columbia (glittery top hat), Frank N Furter (Lab Coat), and Rocky (stunning little monogramed briefs).

And for the Science Fiction/Double Feature, I freehanded using polish the iconic lips of the opening song! I'm so proud of this one!!

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