Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nail Fail - Holographic Gradient

Last night was a big exciting deal for me: a company dinner/show to celebrate some of our top talent! I was determined to have a mani that was befitting such an occasion. After brainstorming with Rachel, I decided on a holo gradient.

I ended up using Color Club Miss Bliss and Nabi Hologram Effect in Purple. The sponging looked promisingly flashy! I was surprised that the color of the Nabi changed from a redder purple to a much bluer hue when sponged. Once the seche was applied, though, my hopes for a pink to purple holo gradient were quickly dashed. The pigment from the nabi penetrated the seche which effectively covered the holo and the pink!
Forgive the obvious color editing! The true color refused to be captured by a mere smartphone.

I didn't have time to start from scratch  so I tried to save it by placing a bit of Miss Bliss at the base of the nail and dry brushing it down. Accent nails got a coat of Nabi Jumbo Purple Glitter and Coco Allure Risqué Business. Though it didn't turn out how I wanted (at all), it i can't say I hate it!


  1. Still turned out pretty neat, I like how the holo polish almost looks like white-hot flames at the bottom of the nail!

    1. I am starting to think there is no such thing as failing with the Color Club holos! They're just so well made!