Sunday, August 18, 2013

Glitter Gal - Brain Freeze

I FINALLY figured out my camera. Man... That's pretty pathetic. And all by accident. HOWEVER, it allows me to do better macro shots! Guess I gotta do a better job of painting and taking care of my cuticles.
I recently had to go down to nubbins because I was not so kind to my nails, and picked off polish that took part of the nail with it... Live and learn.

Ignore the fuzzy background. Nothing to see here...

The holo in this is really great. It's pretty linear, and you can tell in the macro shot in the second pic. I am so in love with Glitter Gal polishes. They were in my top 5 first lemmings, and when Llarowe restocked, it was kismet. 
While I looked through some of the other shots of Brain Freeze, I noticed that I captured this pretty well in comparison. Pretty proud of that. I wanted to do justice to this wonderful polish.

More goodies to come from my lapse of sanity purchasing spree...


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