Thursday, August 22, 2013

piCture pOlish - Voodoo, plus special guest OPI Funky Dunkey

Ah, the saga of the temporary insanity continues... Another installment of "I went nuts when Llarowe restocked" is here for your viewing pleasure.

I got my first piCture pOlish, and lemming down! It was so dreamy using. The first polish I used that was so easy to paint with that I didn't need clean-up! Some may say that I should have done a little touch up here and there... BUT I WAS SO PROUD! So yay for first time painting nails like a really person instead of The Bride of Frankenstein.

This pic is in direct sunlight. Outside it just sparkled like crazy! When the bottle came, it was mostly a gold/coppery dusting of glitter on the bottle, giving it a more brown than red vampy look. So, I remember thinking... Is this what I ordered?! So, I put it off putting it on. OH THANK GOODNESS I FINALLY USED IT! One of my absolute FAVORITES right now.  This pic, to me, really represents the dark, luscious, saturated color. The sparkle is not really popping in the pic though. SO.... I did a macro. Well... AS macro as *I* can get right now.

Ok, first. This photo is not edited AT ALL. It's so crazy hot awesome it came out. It looks so velvety.

As much as I LOVED this by itself, I wanted to try out something new I also got from Zulily when they had the OPI duo's on sale. OPI Funky Dunkey was paired with OPI Black Spotted!!!!!!! ANOTHER LEMMING X2 DOWN! To have the opportunity to FINALLY get Black Spotted for less than $4 billion?! That's just... I'm verklempt. Mucho fotos soon.

Moving along... I did some nail art with Funky Dunkey. I am actually proud of it. It's me. Fun, jagged, understated, and lovely. Iffffff I do say so myself... Also, I googled color wheels and played with colors and this is my favorite combo that I made... MOVING ALONG....

In these pictures the sparkle comes out better. I took them in direct sunlight. This is the first set of pics that I took without artificial light. 

To conclude, this I am pretty proud with this post. I think I did a good job with the color combo and the pics. :D

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