Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Challenge - Inspired by Tea!

On my daily list of priorities, a cup of tea is mandatory! There's something about a cup of freshly brewed tea that says, "Hey me! You're RAD! Have something awesome. In fact, I recently purchased a comically huge mug so I can enjoy MORE tea as I reflect on how important I am.

One of my current favorites is The Tea Table's Masala Chai because it is such a rich, complex and unique blend.  If you're in the market for a new chai, it is the bee's knees with a bit of milk and sugar.  In fact, the Masala Chai convinced Mr. Husband not all tea had that weird "I just came out of a soda fountain" taste.

I tried to take this one a bit literal and was inspired by the experience of enjoying a cup of tea. 

On my accent nails I did a watercolor technique to try and meld some of the colors used like the spices in my favorite beverage: deep brown black tea leaves, a warm metallic cinnamon,  creamy taupe vanilla and a bit of warm yellow for the ginger root.  The other nails are also a watercolor technique but I hoped it would mimic the way milk and black tea swirl together when first combined.  

They didn't turn out how I'd hoped as the average human wouldn't see "tea" in these. I do love the look though! It's very subtle and feminine and will look great wrapped around my tea mug.

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