Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Challenge - TEA NAILS - Bigelow Constant Comment

Ok, so this is my last post as a Newly Obsessed. As bitter sweet as it is, we are off on a new adventure, with new treasure to capture. We shall seek new fortunes! YARRRRRRR!

This last Challenge is inspired by Tea. Tey and I are big tea drinkers, and love the names and designs of the packaging, so why not? My favorite tea of all time (or at least up to this point in my life) is Bigelow's Constant Comment. It's a black tea with citrus and spice. This tea my mom and I would drink on cold days, when we were sick, or just because. This was the only thing that came to mind when I thought of this challenge.
I TRIED to recreate the teapot on the package front, and the tea cup and saucer on the back of the packaging.  There is a black to orange gradient that really stood out as something to recreate.

Image from
The black is Rimmel Black Satin, orange Julep Mischa, bronze Finger Paints Figure of Art.

Please forgive the cuticle area. Julep's Mischa has a lot of silver micro glitter and it got EVERYWHERE. The blurring of my cuticles helped a LITTLE, but... Well, whatever.
I love how the tea cup and saucer came out. The tea pot was a little more wonky, but I still think it's cute! I love doing these challenges, they remind me of my family, friends, and times of fun.

We will be on a little hiatus while the site is being revamped. So stay tuned! We WILL have a wonderful prize at the end to celebrate!


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