Saturday, March 9, 2013

Challenge Week 4 - GLITTAH

These notes were useless.

How cool were my deep-sea mermaidy glitter nails?
Almost some!

 I started with a half-assed plan and played with all of my mermaidiest polishes and glitters.  I scoured the internet for inspiration and landed on FISH SCALES.  How amazing would those be?!  Failing that, I could always go for a sassy jelly sandwich!

As it turns out I'm terrible at fish scales. No problem, right? I still have my back-up plan and that surely cannot fail. False.  The weird blobby sad middle finger you see is the most woeful mermaid jelly sandwich ever to have been born. I need to expand my collection of one jelly polish to more than one and soon. 

I really did love that thumb, though. It was a ridiculous amount of work to get the striping and loose glitter right.  I didn't even feel bad when the glitter got all over my pets and husband.  In fact, exactly zero cares were given.

To make up for the ho-hum I felt for the failure of my undersea adventure, I purchased some new polishes that didn't come in time for this challenge.  So, I went for a simple gunmetal grey (LA Colors BCC558) with some glittery goodness (Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Glitz Gal) and a pop of striping. 

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