Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swatch Spammy McSpam Spam

Here's a few designs I did over the last few days.

My first attempt at water marbling.  Not the BEST. But, at least it didn't come out at a big blob of yuck.
Lots of polish used, and a REALLY long time to do it.  Not sure how some can do these so quickly. And, man! The MESS. Love the look, but not sure about the time involved. And MUCHO wasted polish.

I got my Julep Spring Box a while back.  I used Julep Jennifer topped with Julep Camille.  My accent finger is Julep Sienna.

    (In sunlight)

    (With flash)

Last, but not least!

I got a polish from LE Glitter Polish Ballerina Girl to support a great cause.  I layered it over Sinful Colors Cotton Candy.  I took this the next day.  There's a little tip wear after a day at work typing, but still pretty good shape!

Until next time!

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