Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Julep Swatch - Meryl and Portia

I recently became a Julep Maven.  Still thinking about continuing it after reading how much the polish costs per ounce.  We shall see.
Anyhoo, I got my first box that had two polishes (Meryl and Barbara), cuticle oil, and sample hand cream.  They also gave a list of polishes to buy for $4 each.  I got two more polishes (Portia and Canada!) and a top coat.  Can't pass up glitter polish. No matter how hard I try... Although, I didn't try that hard.

The swatches from top to bottom are:

The first I tried was Meryl.  It was really thin, and kinda runny. Surprisingly, it dried pretty quick, which allowed me to put on a second coat.  Only two coats were needed for full opacity... Weird. 
I then topped it with Portia.  I like gray, but it needed a little sparkle. Because EVERYTHING needs sparkle.

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